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  • Salto Youth Euromed “First Steps” 2002 the official tool box movie. :

    This film deals with the 2002 “Campaign” of SALTO YOUTH – FR Euromed “First steps” trainings. It is based on the organisation of the four “First Steps” training courses in 2002. It shows their structure and some of the methods used. It can give you ideas and prepare you to build a training course yourself along with the guidebook. For detailed information about each method used consult the guidebook. Guide and film together are your EUROMED TOOL BOX. The EROMED FIRST STEPS were four training courses in:
    Turkey (Ankara) with 30participants from Cyprus, Malta, Israel, Turkey
    Jordan (Amman) with 34 participants from Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan.
    Portugal (Lisbon) with 29 participants- 12 EU countries and all 12 med-countries were represented
    Tunisia (Tunis) with 23 participants from Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Tunisia.
    The total number of participants: 118
    The total number of trainers involved: 17
    Don’t forget: the film itself is not perfect and the toolbox is not meant to replace your own good work and methods. Use it wisely to construct meaningful Euromed cooperation projects. The Chapters of this film:

    • A. Setting the Frame of the Courses
    • B. The Euromed Framework
    • C. The intercultural dimension
    • D. Technicalities: Euromed YOUTH ACTIONS
    • E. Project Management I: the skills
    • F. Project Management II: Practice
    • G. Other possible workshops
    • H. Evaluation methods

Intercultural learning

Project management

Peace education tools

Euromed III Program results

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