Youth work in Palestine and surrounding challenges

This is a result of the Study Visit entitled Youth work and surrounding challenges, held in Palestine last year (20th- 26th June 2013) that gave (...)

Youth Work and Inclusion in Israel

This is a result of the Study Visit entitled Youth Work and Inclusion in Israel, held in Israel last year (29th September - 5th October 2013) (...)

Youth work in Tunisia after the revolution

It is the first issue of a collection called «Youth Work in...» composed of five publications dedicated to youth work in the Mediterranean (...)


The training kit for Euro-Mediterranean youth work (2010)

EuroMed Youth Projects

EuroMed youth III - Youth in Action European programmes

Studies on EuroMed Youth Policies in Mediterranean partner countries

7 experts for 10 reports under the EuroMed Youth III programme


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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union
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