EuroMed Youth Units:

EuroMed Youth Units:
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Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service accreditation process kick-off meeting Youth work in Palestine and surrounding challenges Youth Work and Inclusion in Israel Accreditation for NGOs interested in Euro-Mediterranean Voluntary Service in South Mediterranean countries Voices in Harmony

 Actions / Projects

Action 1 Euro-Med Youth Exchanges

A Youth Exchange is a project based on a transnational partnership between two or more organisations from different countries. It brings together (...)

Action 2 Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service

Volunteers on the move Voluntary Service is a project offering young people an opportunity to carry out a long or short term volunteering (...)

Action 3 Euro-Med Youth Training and Networking

Support Measures include project which support the training of those active in youth work and youth organisations of the Euro-Mediterranean (...)


Boukra, with both hands

July 2013. Their names are Rémi, Quitterie, Constance ... they are between 18 and 22 years old and they decided to go to meet their Lebanese (...)

Playing for citizenship

The EuroMed Youth IV Programme, under the Action 3 (Training and Networking) funded (up to € 25,000) the Tunisian Association for the Heritage (...)

Eighty-six projects have been awarded

EuroMed Youth Awards All the six forecasted deadlines have already passed and the results came up with a majority of projects under the Action (...)

The smiling face of the actions / projects

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What in a world are you taking a picture of?

I show him the smiley
He smiled
I smiled
About two minutes later he came running back in my direction.
"Quick. Bring your camera. I found one.”

That’s the spirit of the Euro-Med cooperation.

Follow it and trust in the “Happy face”! It shows you the keys to carry on your project.

You wonder about how to plan, organize and manage a Youth Exchange, a Euro Mediterranean Voluntary Service or a Youth Training and networking, click on one of the elements of the face! You should need and you will find the useful tools.

smile project management (PM) heritage abd environment women in euromed miorities participation and active citizenship fight against xenophobia and racism intercultural learnng (ICL) training and networking target group : young people youth exchanges euro-mediterranean voluntary service

:: Photo gallery

Teaming Up After the Arab Spring: youth work reality in Tunisia  Culture de l'Olivier, Culture de la Paix From indignation to contribution  Youth club of Kairouan WOmen Training Course A Leadership Workshop for a sustainable future Palestinian project
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Photo gallery :

Two years of the phase IV of the Euromed Youth Program are already over. Here a brief glimpse of projects, activities and seminars. The pictures are only a selection of the work done and they would be a good omen for the challenges the program will face in the coming years. Click on the pictures to zoom in!


:: Publications

Youth work in Tunisia after the revolution

It is the first issue of a collection called «Youth Work in...» composed of five publications dedicated to youth work in the Mediterranean countries (Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Egypt)

Booklet EuroMed Youth Awards 2013

This document is an evidence of the second edition of the event “EuroMed Youth Awards”, after Cairo, Egypt in 2005, held from the 10th to the 14th of June 2013, in Dead Sea – Jordan within the framework of the EU-funded EuroMed Youth and Youth in Action programmes with more than 70 participants coming from 11 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, France, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, and Spain), 1 Programme country of the Youth in Action Programme (Turkey) and 6 (...)


The training kit for Euro-Mediterranean youth work (2010)

All publications


:: Opportunities

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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union