Heritage and environment

In 1975, 16 Mediterranean countries and the European Community adopted the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP). In 2007, the MAP involved in 21 (...)

Women in EuroMed

The role of women is one of the priorities of the Euromed Youth Programme. The role of women has seen several engagements worldwide for the (...)

Human rights

One of the richness of the Euro Mediterranean area is the coexistence of a high percentage of minorities full of features that make them unique. (...)

Participation and active citizenship

Although democratic citizenship can be promoted through local, regional and national levels of youth activities, international youth activities (...)

Fight against xenophobia and racism

Ethnocentrism is a tendency to interpret or evaluate other cultures in term of one’s own, putting oneself at the centre first and then reinforce (...)


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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union