Administrative Questions

Are there any requirements as concerning fonts, font size or page margins?

Full applications should be submitted in A4 size, using Arial 10 characters with 2 cm margins.

Is it acceptable to submit Applications by email?

Submission of applications must be in line with Article 2.2.2 of the published Guidelines.

Following selection, when could we start with the implementation of the action?

The provisions on the commencement of the implementation of the action are set out in Article 2 of
the Standard grant contract, which allows for different options for the start date of the
implementation (see annex -Special conditions published on each respective EuroMed Youth Unit

  • the day following that on which the last of the two Parties signs
  • a later date Please specify your selection within the Action description.
Who are the "stakeholders"?

You may find a definition of "stakeholders" in the Glossary of key terms of the Project Cycle Management Guidelines at
Any individuals, groups of people, institutions or firms that may have a relationship with the project/programme are defined as stakeholders. They may – directly or indirectly, positively or negatively – affect or be affected by the process and the outcomes of projects or programmes.
Usually, different sub-groups have to be considered.
It is the responsibility of the Applicant to identify in the proposal the relevant stakeholders in line with the specificities of the proposed action.

What are the reporting obligations for grant beneficiaries?

The reporting obligations for grant beneficiaries are stipulated in Article 4 of the Special Conditions applicable to European Union-financed grant contracts for external actions (available on each respective EuroMed Youth Unit website, as annex to the Guidelines).

Should we give a timeline of our proposed project or can our application for the project be done at any of the deadlines and implemented within the timeline of the program (until the first half of 2013)?

Kindly refer to Article 2.1.3 of the Guidelines for the eligible duration under each of Actions 1, 2, 3.

What are the policy/rules/regulations on late submissions, will an application submitted after the first deadline be passed to the second deadline? Or will it be rejected?

Kindly refer to Article 2.2.3 of the Guidelines for the rules on submission and late submission.

There is no item for accommodation for the project implementation? Should we consider the same rate of planning visit for the project implementation or there is another way for calculation the accommodation costs for Action 3 projects?

Lodging and meals are under the Planning visit costs, no other costs are considered eligible.

In the page RESOURCES of the application forms (excel format), which is the difference between “Turnover managed or equivalent”, “Net earnings or equivalent” and “Total balance”?

Some entities do not have any turnover, they are spending a budget provided, the case of public administration for example. Applicants are requested to provide their Contracting Authority with a clear indication on historical and available financial resources. These data will be utilised during assessment to answer to question 1.4 of the Evaluation Grid.

In the page THE ACTION of the application forms (excel format), which is the difference between “specific objective” and “objective of the action”?

Objective of the action would be the main general issues tackled in line with the purpose of the Action, while the specific objective identifies a short-term, measurable step within a designated period of time (your proposed Action) that is moving toward achieving a long-term goal and how they are related to the action and the priorities.


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